Molly-Mae Hague reveals reason for 'selfish' private jet trip after backlash (2024)

Sadly,Molly-Mae Hagueis no stranger to backlash at this point in her career, but theLove Islandwinnercame under fire again this weekendfollowing a seemingly innocentsocial mediapost.

Now, Molly-Mae has responded.

She’s been soaking up the sun in Ibiza, temporarily free from childcare responsibilities ashusband-to-be Tommy Furylooked aftertheir one-year-old daughter, Bambi.

However, the 24-year-old influencer caught heat from her 7.9million followers by boarding a private jet forher short solo trip.

Taking to Instagram on Friday (March 15), the internet sensation uploadeda selfie from the jet,showing off her glowing bare face ahead of take-off.

‘Solo trip☁️’, she penned simply in the caption, clearly not anticipating backlash to her picture, which has been liked over 200,000 times.

Molly-Mae also shared a photo ofher £2,600 Bottega bagon the luxury jet, with a separate Instagram Story reminiscing on Tommy’s proposal, reading: ‘I just realised the last time I was here you asked me to marry you.’

In her comments, fellow Insta users became irate and blasted Molly-Mae as ‘irresponsible’.

Talking about her travels in a YouTube vlog uploaded upon her return home, Molly-Mae explained that she was headed for a health and wellness retreat in Ibiza for ‘a couple of nights’ with a Pilates instructor and nutritionist.

She was meant to travel with a friend, but she had passport issues, meaning Molly-Mae flew solo to meet plenty of ‘amazing women’ over there.

Molly-Mae’s trip also came after a bout of glandular fever, as she admitted the only way she feels better is by ‘getting out of the house and doing things’.

The star’s vlog included a clip of her on the private jet, as she gazed out of the window drinking her coffee while listening to music.

Upon landing at her destination, Molly-Mae proceeded to document her retreat for her fans, such as a hike and gentle workouts.

Her new video comes after Molly-Mae was urged to ‘think about the environment’ by enraged Instagram followers due to her private plane usage.

A 2021 reportfrom the European Federation for Transport and Environment found that private jets arefive to 14 times more polluting per passenger than commercial flights.

‘Can’t get on board with the private jet for a ridiculously short flight 😢’, wrote brownboots83.

‘Ever thought about the deteriorating world your bringing you’re child into? We’re in a climate crisis…😫’, penned rubyfreewild.

‘What is wrong with British airways’, asked 6habin.

‘Think about the environment @mollymae’, implored buffetpapi.

User kentish_sheep added: ‘Wow, and the carbon footprint for this is!?’

Meanwhile, janiecoomber declared the private jet a ‘dreadful waste of money’ and karenkaz.hutchings declared it ‘selfish and stupid’ to publicise the trip.

It wasn’t all negative, though, as Molly-Mae’s fans flocked to defend her, urging critics to ‘be kind’.

User jogorman86 commented: ‘Some of these comments are awful just remember in a world where you can be anything be kind !! It costs nothing ❤️’

Hitting out also, rose_m91 said: ‘man some of the comments on here, bitter, jealous people 😂 it’s not molly’s fault you hate your life so just save yourself the time wasted writing a message’.

Molly-Mae was urged to ‘ignore the haters’ by jools70h, who wrote: ‘You do you. If I could, I’d fly private as well 🤣’

Of course, Molly-Mae isn’t the first – and likely won’t be the last – star to receive backlash for splashing the cash on a private plane.

Most famously, US pop star Taylor Swift has faced a great deal of criticism for clocking up thousands of air miles, recently flying 20,000 air miles over 10 days amid her Eras Tour shows in Asia and travelling to support boyfriend Travis Kelce at the Super Bowl.

What are your thoughts on celebs using private jets?Comment Now

Taylor was named one of the biggest celebrity polluters in 2022, alongside the likes of Jay-Z andKim Kardashian.

The Lover hitmaker’s travel plans also came underextra scrutiny after a cease-and-desist letterwas sent to Jack Sweeney – who runs a private jet flight tracker – overconcerns around ‘stalking’due to her flights being publicly broadcast.

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Molly-Mae Hague reveals reason for 'selfish' private jet trip after backlash (1)

Molly-Mae Hague reveals reason for 'selfish' private jet trip after backlash (2024)
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