Molly Mae Hague reunites with Tommy Fury as she puts split rumours to bed (2024)

MOLLY-Mae Hague today reunited with Tommy Fury as she put split rumours to bed with a loved up snap.

The 24-year-old Influencer and her man Tommy, 25, met on ITV2 dating show Love Island in 2019.




The couple announced their engagement in July 2023 and have also welcomed a daughter, Bambi, into the family.

However, they have faced split rumours in recent weeks after fans spotted Molly on several occasions without her £600,000 engagement ring.

But keen to squash those rumours, Molly posted a sweet snap of Tommy to show she was back home after her girls trip to Ibiza.

In the photo her hunky man can be see showing off his muscles in a vest, ans she has a heart and a house emoji posted on it.

It comes as Molly and Tommy previously fuelled split rumours when Tommy jetted off to Dubai to support his older brother before jis recent big fight.

They reportedly had rowed last year after Tommy was pictured partying with topless women in Abu Dhabi.

Molly later admitted at the time to fans she had been "going through it"during one of herYouTubevlogs.

She began: "Guys I don't really know what to come on here and tell you right now. I know how bad I look. Trust me, however bad I look, I feel 20 times worse."

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Molly then took a deep sigh and declared the blog "probably one of the worst things I've ever created."

"I have been going through it in more ways than one," she said, with her giant diamond notably missing from her finger.

Multi-millionaire Molly-Mae Hague slammed by fans as she books budget flight for her sister’s hen do

Meanwhile, eagle-eyed followers recently also noticed Molly had failed to wish Tommy a happy 25th birthday.

Although Tommy also failed to mention his birthday for more than 24 hours, he later shared a video of himself enjoying some cake with daughter Bambi.

Molly, on the other hand, was nowhere to be seen in the footage.

Molly-Mae and Tommy's relationship timeline

From Love Island to a diamond ring and baby - we look at how Molly and Tommy have got to where they are today.

June 2019: Molly and Tommy first meet on Love Island.

July 2019: Tommy makes things official by asking Molly to be his girlfriend.

July 2019: Molly and Tommy finish Love Island in second place.

September 2019: The couple move in to a three-bedroom apartment in Manchester.

December 2019: Molly supports Tommy at his first boxing match since leaving the villa.

May 2020: Molly and Tommy both turn 21 and pull out all the stops with dozens of balloons and lavish cakes to mark each other's milestone days.

June 2020: The loved-up couple move to a new apartment just outside of Manchester city centre.

October 2021: Molly and Tommy fall victim to burglars. Their rented flat is targeted by professional thieves while they are away and they lose £800,000 worth of possessions.

March 2022: They buy their first 'dream home' together. Molly and Tommy warn they will only 'share snippets' of their pad following the burglary.

September 2022: Molly and Tommy announce they are expecting their first baby together. Alongside a sweet video, Molly says: 'I can’t wait for the adventures that we haven’t even dreamed of yet.'

October 2022: It's a girl! The couple confirm they are having a daughter.

January 2023: Molly gives birth to baby Bambi on January 23rd.

July 2023: Tommy whisks Molly and Bambi on a family holiday to Ibiza. The couple get engaged after Tommy pops the question on a cliff top.

September 2023: At Home With The Furys drops on Netflix. The couple feature in Tommy's cousin Tyson's reality show. Tommy and Molly come to blows over their parenting plans.

November 2023: Tommy is caught on camera partying topless with Chris Brown and unknown women in Abu Dhabi. Molly removes her engagement ring.

December 2023: Molly admits she's 'been through it' but puts her engagement ring back on.

January 2024: Bambi turns one. Molly and Tommy celebrate with a lavish party at home.

March 2024: Bambi goes on her first skiing holiday to France with her parents.

April 2024: Molly and Tommy treat Bambi to a family holiday in Disneyland Paris.

Molly Mae Hague reunites with Tommy Fury as she puts split rumours to bed (2024)
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