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To land a big-scoring play, you might want to find words using the letters J, X, Q and Z. They’re among the most obscure letters in English. They’re also worth the most points in games Words With Friends® and Scrabble® GO. They could give you some trouble in finding Wordle answers too. Below, you’ll find lists of words that contain letters A through Z, covering all your bases. Be sure to note high scoring words to gain a competitive edge to win word games with ease.

  • Words with the letter A include ADVANTAGE, VALET and AWESOME.

  • Words with the letter B include ABSOLUTE, BLAST and HABITAT.

  • Words with the letter C include COACH, ORGANIC and PERCENT.

  • Words with the letter D include DECADES, ORDERED and UDDER.

  • Words with the letter E include MELEE, NEIGHBOR and PERFECT.

  • Words with the letter F include FAIRY, WHARF and SEAFOOD.

  • Words with the letter G include BLOGGING, SINGE and GAMIEST.

  • Words with the letter H include ACHIEVE, HISTORY and SHEEN.

  • Words with the letter I include CANDIDATES, ACCESSIBLE and JIFFY.

  • Words with the letter J include ENJOYABLE, NINJA and FAJITA.

  • Words with the letter K include THINKING, RISKY and KINDLY.

  • Words with the letter L include LUNAR, BELIEVE and VOLUMINOUS.

  • Words with the letter M include ANIMALS, MANIA and PLASMAS.

  • Words with the letter N include ANYTHING, NOTHING and LUNAR.

  • Words with the letter O include BECOME, FLOWERY and PROSE.

  • Words with the letter P include POPPY, REPLACE and WEBPAGE.

  • Words with the letter Q include PIQUE, QUARTER and CAIQUES.

  • Words with the letter R include RETAINS, INCUR and OPERATE.

  • Words with the letter S include ASKED, SIMPLE and CHAOS.

  • Words with the letter T include TRAINER, LEFTY and BIRTHDATE.

  • Words with the letter U include CURRICULUM, LUCKY and POULTRY.

  • Words with the letter V include DISADVANTAGEOUS, VAPOR and HAVING.

  • Words with the letter W include FORWARDNESS, BRAWN and HIGHWAY.

  • Words with the letter X include EXHIBITION, APPROXIMATE and BORAX.

  • Words with the letter Y include LYMPH, PHYSICIAN and JUICY.

  • Words with the letter Z include OVERZEALOUS, OPTIMIZED and OZONE.

  • Words with Z and Q include SQUIZ, QUARTZ and MEZQUITS.

  • Words with Q and J include JACQUARDS, QUILLAJA and JONQUIL.

  • Words with Q and H include QOPH, QUOTH and SQUISHY.

  • Words with Z and J include JAZZY, ZABAJONE and MUZJIK.

  • Words with Z and Y include FUZZY, SCUZZY and STYLIZE.

  • Words with X and V include VEXIL, EXUVIA and GLOVEBOX.

Whether you’re playing anagram solver games or word scrambles, these word lists set you up for victory. You may also use these word collections to find words with certain letters when writing poetry. Seeing everything laid out in an organized list makes it easier to find a specific sound or structure for your creative work.

How to Find Words With These Letters

Referring to the word lists highlighted above is a great way to find words containing certain letters. We’ve organized these lists for your convenience, grouping together words of the same length. That way, all the 7-letter words are in one batch, all the 6-letter words are in another batch, and so on.

When you have a specific query and you want to find words containing letters in a certain way, our letter unscrambler is the word game helper you need. Simply enter the letters you have (up to 20 of them!) and let the tool work its magic. You’ll have words containing the letters you need in a jiffy. You can also include up to three wildcards in our word generator for even more results.

Finding Words in Game Dictionaries

Now that you’re looking at your custom word list with the specific letters you entered, you may be wondering if you can do more. If you’re playing a word game, then it is important that you select the correct game dictionary too!

  1. On the search results page, you’ll see the search bar to your left, along with some advanced search options. Below all of those is the game selection dropdown menu box.

  2. Click or tap on the box to display all of your game options. We have a lot of them, so take a second to scroll through and see your options.

  3. Pick the dictionary that matches your game. For example, if you’re playing Words With Friends®, select the Words With Friends® cheat to change the word list to its dictionary.

  4. If you’re playing Scrabble, choose the Scrabble dictionary for the US or the UK. Both the scoring system and the list of valid words are different between the two games.

You’ll also find support for several other popular word games, like when you want Wordscapes® answers or a Word Chums cheat tool. Don’t worry. We’ve got the word solver you need to find winning words quickly.

Find Words With Missing Letters

Maybe you want to look for 5 letter words for Wordle with the letters ABDOR. Some options here include “board,” “broad” and “dobra.” But, what if you’re playing crossword games or some other word scramble where you don’t know all your letters? What about when you’ve got blank tiles in Scrabble®?

You can do that with our word finder too. Simply enter a question mark (?) or a space to indicate a wildcard. You can include up to three of these in a word search.

If you enter the letters “ADI?Y” into the search bar, you’ll find words like “daily,” “diary,” and “diyas.” It's a great way to get some Wordle help when you need it too. Even when you use the best Wordle starting word, you often still need help narrowing down the list of possible answers. There are hundreds of 5 letter words starting with D.

RETAINS: Winning 7-Letter Words

If you’re an avid word game player, the 7-letter words are ones you’ll want to spend a decent amount of time memorizing. The biggest reason why is because you earn a huge bonus when you use all 7 letter tiles in Scrabble® or Words With Friends®.

With Words With Friends®, you get 35 bonus points when you use all 7 of your letter tiles. In the case of Scrabble® and Scrabble® GO, the bingo bonus scores you a whopping 50 extra points.

Even if you know what the highest scoring word in Words With Friends® is, you’re probably never going to play it. What’s more important is being versatile and taking advantage of opportunities, like cashing in on bonus squares and bingo bonuses. One word you’ll want to keep in mind for this reason is “retains.”

For starters, those seven letters can be rearranged to form several 7-letter words, including:

  • Antsier

  • Ratines

  • Stainer

Toss in a single wildcard, and now you’ve got access to dozens of 8-letter words, ripe for that bingo bonus across so many possible in-game scenarios. Some examples include:

  • Arsenite

  • Banister

  • Notarise

You’ve got plenty of chances to score with a well-placed hook in Scrabble® or Words With Friends®. Reach out to a double letter or triple word score! Recognizing chances to play high scoring words containing certain letters is the key to victory.

Extra (And Extra Helpful) Word Finder Word Lists

Want to find more words? Use our word finder and refer to all these helpful links for more word lists, plus word game tips, hints and insights.

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  • Words by Length: Word lists organized by number of letters

  • Vowel Words: A collection of words composed only of vowels

  • Words Without Vowels: A collection of words with no vowels

  • Words with Q Not Followed by U: Beyond queen and quick, play Q without a U

  • Words Ending in ING: Literally thousands of words with ING at the end

  • Words With Friends® Cheat : Turn your letters into winning words in Words With Friends®

  • Unscramble Words: Solve word jumbles by unscrambling letters

  • WordFinder Blog: Useful and entertaining articles on everything related to word games

Having a list of words that contain a specific letter, or combination of letters, will help you decide your next move and gain an advantage over your opponent. Whether you’re playing word games or simply playing with words, your friends at WordFinder® by YourDictionary are here to help! Find all the words containing the letters you need to play right here.

Find Words Containing Specific Letters | WordFinder® (2024)
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